Peninsular Spain & Portugal From € 6,35 24 hours Free shipping from € 100* MRW
Islands of Spain & Portugal From € 16,00 24-72 hours Free shipping from € 300* MRW
Rest of the EU Consult with our Customer Service.

*I. We will still charge you the shipping cost if your order is less than 3 screen assembly and the total cost exceed the 60% of the order.

*II. Storage Card and USB are not a part of the free shipping. We will charge the shipping fee regardless your total purchased amount on storage card or USB.

*III、If the above free shipping conditions are not met, the shipping costs under any other circumstances shall be borne by the customer.

  •  MRW courier offers expedited next day delivery before 2PM between Monday and Saturday with an additional charge of € 4.50. (This is only available in the mainland Spain and Portugal, excluding holidays)

  •  MRW courier offers delivery with pickup (Retorno) service with extra charge of € 4.50. (This is only available in the mainland Spain and Portugal.)

  •  MRW courier offers the Pick-up service (Rocogida) from € 6.00.

  •  Delivery is based on business days. If you made the payment through our website by selecting COD, or other instant payment options before 7pm on a business day, we'll dispatch your package on the same day. If you choose the payment option of wire transfer or payment, we'll dispatch the package as soon as we recieved the funds. In any delays caused by the courier, we'll try our best to escalate and solve with them but we also ask for your patience at the meantime.