Payment Options Description
Contrereembolso Collect on Delivery
Commission for C.O.D. is 1,6%, with a minimum of € 1 and a maximum of € 10.
Transferencia Wire Transfer Bank Info:
Bank: BBVA
IBAN: ES0901827397150201605455
Beneficiary: XDIGI
Concept: X000 and/or ID of order (ex: X001 XXXXXXXX)

√ Please double check the account number before you make the wire transfer. We will not be responsible or the funds you wired to the incorrect account.
√ Please make sure to reference your customer code and / or order number for a fast turnaround time from our end.
√ Funds deposited through ATM will only be considered until the exact amount is validated.

Tarjetas Credit/Debit
No commission, immediate transaction.
Paypal Paypal Paypal collects an additional 3.4% surcharge with a minimum of € 0.34.