Product Warranties and Returns

(Update 2020/12/28)

1. Waranty Scope

All products on this website are entitled to enjoy the warranty service for at least 3 months. The warranty period shall start with the purchase date.

The following cases are not covered by warranty services:

  • Products that have been used and cannot be restored is not covered, such as the screen warranty sticker is teared, glue or double-sided glue is applied on the products or a variety of wiring or interfaces is installed or welded, etc.
  • Any artificial damage.

We only accept returns of products that cannot be used due to quality problems, or wrongly shipped items. Please check carefully for the warranty seal of our company before returning the goods to avoid the confusion with returns from other suppliers. We do not provide any warranty service to any products without our company's warranty seal.

1.1 Screen Warranty

atención We strongly recommend you to test all screen assemblies before the installation. The warranty standards before and after installation are completely different.

1.1.1 Warranty terms under the circumstances that the screen assembly is not installed, and for test only. (Process limited: 48 hours only)

  • You must contact our customer service within 24 hours if a defect product is identified. We require pictures or videos with the warranty seal of our company clearly visible. After the 24hrs, the warranty will default to the terms for the installed screen assembly
  • If you receive a screen from disassembly or a second-hand screen, please confirm with our customer service before testing, and send us pictures or videos. The warranty seal of our company on both the picture and the video must be clearly visible.

1.1.2 Warranty Terms for Installed Screen Assembly (Process limited: 7 to 10 days)

  • Please contact our customer service and send us the pictures or videos. The warranty seal of our company on both the picture and the video must be clearly visible in order for us to have a certain reference in handling the returns.
  • Please scrub all remaining debris or glue on the screen. If not, you may not be covered by the warranty.
  • Do not wash our warranty seal or tear the warranty sticker. Once the warranty seal cannot be identified or torn, you may not be covered under our warranty.
  • Our warranty does not cover any damage caused on the product due to assemble and disassemble.

Attention: Except for the quality problem of the product itself, screen assembly ordered by customer due to individual requirements cannot be returned and exchanged. For such products, we will mark "ND" specifically in the order.

2. Products are not covered by warranty

  • Except for the quality problem of the product itself, products ordered separately due to customer needs cannot be returned and exchanged. ("ND" will be indicated separately in the order.)
  • No used Cell Phone Screen Protectors can be returned.
  • Cell phone cases cannot be returned and exchanged. (unless the product itself has quality problems and has not been used.)
  • All the promotional products cannot be returned and exchanged.

3. How to Return Goods

3.1 Please fill out our return application form on our website and pack the products to be returned well. Please indicate the return reason and the purchase price in the return application form for a faster turnaround time.(It is essential to fill out the return application on our WEB before sending the products and we recommend putting a printed copy of your list of products sent. We are not responsible for products that are not listed or that are not related.)

  • Upon the receipt of the completed application form, we will to process the return within 48 hours, unless there are individual products that need to be confirmed by other suppliers.
  • If you fail to fill out the return list carefully, such as: price not filled, or no return instructions, this return cycle may be extended to up to 30 days and may not be processed.
  • We do not accept any return and exchange in case that the application form is unfilled.
  • After 5 days of receiving your RMA without a list, it will be returned in your next order.

3.2 When we receive your return application, we will contact you to arrange to pick up your returned package.

  • In case that the goods to be returned has been purchased for over 14 days, and if there are special circumstances such as a large price reduction on the product, your refund will be based on the market prices or we'll replace with the new products of the same type.
  • All return funds will directly generate the corresponding amount of consumer vouchers, neither cash refund nor transfer are allowed.
  • If you need to replace the product, we will send it to you in your next order, or according to the date you designate.
  • Before we receive your return, or when we cannot confirm the actual status of the product, we will not carry any form of early replacement or deduction.

We strongly encourage you to send us pictures or videos the first time (within 24 hours) (to ensure that our warranty seal is clearly visible). Please advise the problem and the date of purchase. If they are not sent in time, your return application may be delayed or not accepted by us.

4. Return goods courier fee

4.1 Iberian Peninsula (Spain & Portugal)

  • In case that your return application is sent with together your order, your package freight shall be 4.50 euros.
  • If you wish to received the return product separately, the package fee shall be 6 euros, we will contact the courier to pick up your return package.

*you can send it to us directly through your long-term cooperation express company.

4.2 Islands of Spain & Portugal

  • You can send the return goods to us by a registered parcel through the ordinary post office. In case that your return amount exceeds 300€, we will refund the postage. You may send your shipping voucher to our customer service, and the corresponding amount of discount coupons will be generated for your next consumption after verification.

4.3 Rest of Europe

  • Please contact our customer service

5. Statement

5.1 Tiancheng Xdigi S.L has the right to adjust the above terms and conditions, any changes will not be notified further.

5.2 Tiancheng Xdigi SL reserves the right of final interpretation of the above terms.